Who We Are

Private Mart Auditors (PMA) is a Commercial Audit firm based in the United State of America. Our specialty lies in the audit of commercial service centers where services are being rendered to the average population and to achieve our goal diligently, we embark on mystery shopping on a regular basis. Our services are backed up with cutting edge professionalism developed over the past few years of hard-work & consistency which is shown in the integrity and reliability of our audit analysis and innovation. We provide High Quality data and analysis, Innovative approaches to research, Professional development and training in research methods and we forge partnership with businesses who require our raw data.

Please note that this assignment is contracted to us independently by Wal-Mart Audit Executive Team and it is one of our major projects on our Audit Portfolio. The content of this website is also directed towards the actualization of the stated objectives as regards the evaluation of the performances of Wal-Mart staff. The official theme for this Assignment is 'WAL-CARD-AUDITORÍA'.

What We Do


Due to the Federal Reserve Global Campaign on Securities on mobile payments, all federal malls & stores were advised to encourage sale on some certain types of Gift Cards, but surprisingly we received some reports that certain Malls/Stores like Wal-Mart, CVS & 7-Eleven amongst others are still discouraging customers from purchasing gift cards which is against stated policies. In response to these our company has been contracted independently to conduct detailed investigation on stores and malls at some selected locations so as to unveil instances where policies have been disobeyed as well as instances where customers have been denied the privilege of getting Gift Cards.


To perform our task, a general survey was done nationwide & result generated highlighted Specific Areas in the country where cases have been reported of bad service by Wal-Mart customers. To confirm our theory, we have carefully selected random Agents near such locations to conduct detailed survey analysis on these stores. Selected Agents are to visit any of these Wal-Mart stores near his/her location and purchase random Wal-Mart gift cards while conducting their surveys.


There are three (3) stages of Service Contracts for all our Selected Agents:
1.) Temporary Contracts (TC):
This is a contract we give to our newly selected Agents,

- Wages : $270 Per Assignment
- Number of Assignments Weekly: 1-2
- Graduation: 50% Pass mark

2.)Permanent Contract (PC):
This is a contract awarded to all agents who are lucky to graduate to the 60% pass mark on their first Assignment.

- Wages: $460 Per Assignment
- Number of Assignments weekly: 3-4
- Graduation: 70% Pass mark

This is our golden contract awarded to our Professional Agents who have consistently handled at least 4 Assignments weekly or more.

- Wages: $600 Per Assignments
- Number of Assignments Weekly: Flexible (at the request of agents).


We grade our Agents performances on

- Ability to follow instruction letter received via the mail diligently.
- Efficient communication with assigned Coordinator
- Effectiveness and ability to complete assignments within a limited period of time (24 - 48 hours).
- Resourcefulness of assignment report - Politeness and willingness in carrying out assignment.


Furthermore, all our TC Agents will not have access to our private Corporate Information and these agents will not be documented because they are classified as temporary but this changes as soon as they conduct their first assignment with a pass mark of 50% or above. An agent who meets up the 50% pass mark will immediately be classified into PC agent category which comes with a startup kit along with a permanent contract.

All our PC & WC are introduced to our corporate offices as well as all other necessary details where they will also be issued a startup kit which has a permanent debit card where all the purchased Wal-Mart Gift Cards from the first Assignment will be loaded (i.e. after first assignment with the help of your coordinator, the credits from each Wal-Mart Gift Cards acquired will be loaded on a debit card assigned to you and will be received with your second assignment provided you meet up the pass mark. Also, further assignments from our company will be funded with the use of this debit card.


Due to the need for profound securities, we reached a consensus with our Bank to give each of our Agents the opportunity to verify his/her cheque on PMA website before depositing. This is mandated so as to provide 100% confidence for all our Agents as your safety interest is our top priority. That being said we advice each of our Agents upon receiving your Assignment cheque by mail to visit verifycheckatpma.org, click on verify check at your top right & follow all necessary instructions. We won't be liable for any loss or damages should you fail to VERIFY your cheque on our website before depositing